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UNO Women's Basketball start dissected:

Women's Basketball came into the season with a new, young coach with many question marks.


Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Updated: Sunday, January 26, 2014 15:01

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Photo Courtesy of Omavs

Taijhe Kelly averages 7.5 ppg and 6.3 rpg thus far this season

The beginning of the season for the Mavericks basketball team has had some big wins and close losses, which have led the team to its current record of four wins and five losses. However, there is much more ball to play, and the young Mav team is still in a learning process.

    Early in the season, the Mavs lost their starting guard Brianna Bogard to an injury, which affected their scoring strategy.

 Head coach Brittany Lange commented on the change in strategy and personnel.

“When Brianna got hurt, it kind of changed our pick and roll game because that’s what she was really effective at,” Lange said. “So now we have players that are a little more spot up and need to benefit from shots off the movement of the ball.”

However freshman starting point guard Madi Robson has shown a fantastic understanding of the game. Coach Lange commented on her selflessness
“She has very good vision and understanding of selflessness as far as putting people in good positions,” Lange said. “She’s almost too unselfish at times, and I’m trying to get her to be more of a threat so it opens up things for other people.”

Coach Lange also talked about how she wanted the offense to flow.

“I think it’s pretty clear that we definitely have some low post players that can score on the block in Taijhe and Victoria and we have some definite three point shooters in Felicia Andersen and Erica House,”  Lange said. “But [the shot outside] primarily needs to come from a pass inside or at least a touch inside first.”

She also added that she wanted to see the team come to rely on passing more.

 “I do want to get to a point where we’re a big passing team, a big assist team off of field goals and we don’t have a lot of people that can break down a defense so the more we can share the ball and get things inside I think the better.”

Having some effective bigs also means that the team can rely on them defensively to get blocks, which changes the defensive strategy on the perimeter. Lange said she wanted to see the perimeter defense to put a lot of pressure on the ball.

However, there are some obstacles to overcome yet.

“I think with this defense it can be scary because there’s a ton of trust as far you want to force them to put the ball on the ground and from there you have to rely on people to help you,” Lange said. “It can be kind scary at times on the perimeter not knowing if somebody is going to be there or not.”

One weakness of the team is that it needs to overcome its fouling issues while keeping pressure on the defender.

Also, despite their size and athleticism, the team needs improvement in the rebounding category.

 “We don’t necessarily defensive rebound right now as well as we should,” Lange said. “I do think that’s something we’re getting better at, but we do have a lot of young kids that were the best athletes in their areas, and they came in here out jumping people, and they understand at this level that the fundamentals of rebounding are imperative for you to be a good rebounding team.”

Overall, the team is young and making progress, and looks to have a bright future.

UNO women’s basketball will face Air Force next at home Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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