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Sisters through Soccer

Three Mav seniors have played with and against eachother the last 10 years.

Sports Editor

Published: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Updated: Sunday, December 8, 2013 15:12

Sisters through Soccer

Photo courtesy of Mav Athletics

Ten years ago, Maverick soccer players Monica Bosiljevac, Logen Watts and Melanie McCormick were barely into middle school had little to worry about other than scoring goals and winning tackles. While they have much more on their plate now, that focus hasn’t changed for the three--who have played with and against each other for the last 10 years. They come upon their senior years, all grown up in their last season together as teammates.

 “It’s been really great. We’ve won a high school state championship together, we live together, and they’re some of my best friends. I’m glad I play with them,” McCormick said.

Bosiljevac and Watts played club soccer since age 12, the two knew and played against McCormick then as well, but the three all came together at Marian High School, where they won a state title together their senior year.

“In high school soccer, as seniors, we won state which was a high moment for us,” Bosiljevac said. “I remember my dad said after that ‘The best of your soccer is yet to come.’ College soccer has been a much different experience.”

The senior trio have a deep-rooted understanding of one another’s game and abilities through time that it’s made a difference on the field.

“It helps us relate on the field and know where to pass to,” Bosiljevac said. “We all know each other’s style of play, and we’re able to adapt to each other better, adding to our team chemistry.”

Such a familiarity with one another is a rare amenity that the three take advantage of.

“We’ve played together for so long it’s made us all better soccer players,” Watts said. “We’ve formed each other into better players. We know each of our talents. It’s a cool experience most players don’t get.”

McCormick added, “When you play for so long with people you get confidence in them.”

As these three seniors reach the ends of their Mav careers with other seniors Jordyn Braun, Kerry Pivovar, and Sarah Nordstrom, the women’s soccer team is in full force looking to make a final push this season together to make noise in the Summit League. Already bouncing back early this season after a tough start in exhibition, Bosiljevac and McCormick both scored against Northern Iowa with a goal in the 86th minute from Bosiljevac to give the Mavs their second win in a row. The three find ways to make impacts on the game together as well as individually.

“I think they know a whole lot about each other, more than I know about them.” head coach Don Klosterman said. “The more the players know each other, it’s a powerful thing. It goes without saying that when they’ve been together for so long that it’s pretty important and pretty powerful.”

These three are more than teammates; they’re best friends and roommates, who have formed a sisterhood through soccer.

“Over the years there’s been a ton of stories that we have as a team. There are stories that have been told that we laugh at over and over again,” Bosiljevac said.  “The greatest thing about Melanie and Logen is that we never get sick of each other, and if we do, we can read it. I’ve really been fortunate to know them for so long, and that I’ve gotten to know them so well.”

Watts added  “It’s a unique experience you have outside of soccer. You see all different sides of a person and makes your relationship stronger.”

When it’s all said and done at the end of the season, the three are unsure as to what the future will hold a year from now.

“We talk about it a lot actually, and how weird it actually is,” McCormick said. “We’re ready to move on, but we’re also kind of lost on what we’re going to do.”

Watts also described it as “heartbreaking.”

“For right now, we’re just trying to make the most of it because we know it’ll be sad when it’s all over,” Bosiljevac said.

Although the three may no longer be teammates on the field for much longer, the accumulation of the experiences over the last decade has laid foundations for long-lasting relationships beyond the pitch.

“You spend every single day with them,”  McCormick said. “Playing with each other, you just have a respect for one another. You ride the bus together, you eat together. It’s really a strong bond that you make.”

Much has changed in the Lives of Bosilijevac, McCormick and Watts over the years, but they could always find normality with one another on the soccer field. The three have one more season to play together the sport that has kept them all together. Bosilijevac didn’t expect it to end like this.

“In high school I never thought in five years I’ll be living with these girls. It’s just funny how things fall together.”

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