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Pelini's lack of control stings more than his words

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Published: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Updated: Thursday, December 12, 2013 21:12

Bo Pelini

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The effects of Bo Pelini's sideline tantrums are widely overlooked

“Bo Knows!” was the mantra shared amongst husker fans years ago when Bill Callahan was fired and replaced by Bo Pelini, who had left the national champion LSU Tigers as their defensive coordinator, to join Nebraska.

By now everyone within our local society has heard the rant Pelini made following the Husker’s dramatic win against Ohio State in 2011. Despite living in Omaha my entire in life I’m not a Husker fan, although being a college football fan and living in Nebraska my familiarity with them is nearly equal to that of a true fan. Nonetheless, from an unbiased fans perspective, I think what Bo Pelini did was tasteless, more so it showed a lack of self-control more than a distaste for the fans, and his accomplishments at Nebraska doesn’t absolve him of consequences.

14 obscenities, 12 of which rhymed with duck came out of Pelini’s mouth in the recording. Even if the message was positive, (which there’s really no way it could be), behavior like that for the face of a program is unacceptable.

I completely understand the intensity and aggression that comes with football and football personnel. I’m ok with a broken clipboard to prove a point or a tossed chair here and there. Even my alarm clock is set to ex 49ers head coach Mike Singletary’s press conference speech (weird, I know), but the extreme use of obscenities, including personally calling out those in media like Pelini did to Tom Shatel is just pure immaturity and carelessness.

Frankly, behavior like this shouldn’t be so surprising if you’ve ever seen the way Pelini argues calls with the referees. They’re lucky to have eardrums after a big ten season is in the books.

Pelini is not a smart coach in the sense that he has no control over his emotions. From a coaching perspective, it is unacceptable because it’s typically demanded from athletes. I don’t completely doubt his ability to recruit and coach the x’s and o’s because I don’t have the best pulse on Nebraska football, but anyone can see someone who loses their temper like that and says the things he said is clearly not a poised leader.

So if you’re a Nebraska fan, you shouldn’t be so upset that your coach disgraced the fans of one of most supported college football teams in history. Be worried that the leader of your beloved team is more or less led by an uncontrollable lunatic.

Pelini’s sideline tantrums have time to time fired his team up before I’m sure, but from a logistics standpoint wouldn’t you rather have your coach move on to try to better execute the next play rather than bicker about something that cannot be changed?
Now, one might think I’m soft for believing this but that’d be incorrect, in fact one of my favorite things about the MLB are Manager vs. Umpire showdowns which always get the Manager tossed, but those are different. Managers don’t call plays. They sometimes make pitch calls and base running calls and they control the lineup and batting order, things that are usually set in stone or don’t carry that much in-game effect.

Coaching in football means everything, on both ends of the ball. Substitutions, offensive play calling, third/fourth down decision making, blitz calls and so much more. It’s a job unfit for a loose cannon.

Pelini succeeded at LSU because he oversaw solely the defensive side, which benefits the most from aggression and excitement. Since being head coach with Nebraska, 0 BCS bowl appearances.

So sure Pelini, insulted “Big Red Nation,” and whether you’re bothered by it or not the real worry for Nebraska fans should be the actual lack of control Bo shows has always shown on the field and has recently just shown in a press room.

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