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Culture Change: Mav students are obligated to up their support to Division-1 caliber

UNO Students complain of our poor student life rather than support our successful sports teams

Sports Editor

Published: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 11:01

In the season opener, the University of Nebraska at Omaha Men’s basketball scored 101 points in their thrashing of South Carolina State, a game that followed their near win over nationally ranked Iowa.

In their next home matchup, which came on a Tuesday night, the student section had a measly seven fans in the student section for the 91-51 beat down of UMKC.

Broadcast major David Familietti was one of those students and was disgusted by the turn out.

“Albeit it was against a lesser known opponent, it was an embarrassing turn out by the students, there were single digits of the students,” Familetti said. “For a University with almost 16,000 people to have single digits at a sporting event like that is pretty horrific.”

Just compared to last year’s standards, UNO basketball has been phenomenal. The Mavs are blowing out teams and doing so in impressive fashion. They beat Iowa Wesleyan by 50, yes 50 points. To have student attendance at its current mark it is piteous at the very least.

Not to sell the students short, hockey attendance for the most part has been solid. Opening night and homecoming had full sections at the Century Link Center, but there have been times when it could have much better.

The elephant in the room when it comes to UNO and student life is that it is always over shadowed by University Nebraska-Lincoln and that students always complain that there is nothing to do on campus. But if UNO students want to make an identity for this school and program, it comes down to them and their willingness to support.

“From the student body, the pretty common theme is that ‘there’s not much to do on campus,’” Familetti said. “Well going to sporting events, that’s something that is offered, and I feel like the students aren’t taking advantage of that and then they’re complaining that there isn’t anything to do. It’s pretty embarrassing.”

The University has done its job. Every sport is D-1, Hockey is nationally ranked, Men’s Basketball is stomping team after team, and baseball has won a conference championship. What more is needed to achieve some student support?
If UNO students want the school’s reputation to trend up and onward as our enrollment and athletic success has then students need to come to games. Plain and simple.

“With the largest incoming freshman class that this university has ever had, it’s imperative that they get involved and support the teams, but it is up to the current student body right now,” Familetti said. “Especially with how tough the transition has been to D-1, for basketball in particular just to not support them whatsoever... it rubbed me the wrong way, I wasn’t very proud to be a UNO student at that game.”

It doesn’t matter what your prior rooting interests are before becoming a Mav. You have a duty as a student especially with a program that is up and coming to help jump start student support. Do you want to look back and be a proud alumnus of your university? Then you need to commit to UNO.

“I don’t see the point of not supporting if you’re going to be Here. You’re going to go to school here, it’s free to get into the games, people aren’t taking advantage of that I just don’t get it. It’s terrible.” Familetti said.

So we have a bunch of bored students around campus with nothing to do, why not go and make the atmosphere at sports hellish for opponents? Enough with the reputation of UNO being a commuter college. This is a D-1 University. Show it the support that is warranted and deserved. Organize a section, make themes, start Facebook groups and twitters- show some creativity.

UNO takes on Woldorf College tonight, Tuesday at 7:07 at Ralston Arena. Let’s take a step Mavs. Let’s show some D-1 support.


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