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Who runs the world?

Beyonce, that's who. Don't hate.


Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 18, 2013 08:02

Beyonce is a liar. She asked in her song, “who runs the world?” She wants you to think that the answer is girls. But l know the truth. Beyonce runs the world, and I am totally fine with it.

It’s been nearly impossible to turn on a television, open a magazine or go on the Internet without seeing something relating to the goddess known as Beyonce. First, there was her gaffe of lip-synching the national anthem at the presidential inauguration. Not since Ashlee Simpson on “Saturday Night Live” has a lip-synching scandal rocked the nation.

Though it was a huge deal, Beyonce walked away virtually unscathed.

It helped that the following week was Beyonce’s epic halftime show at the Superbowl. Everyone was talking about it more than the Ravens and the 49ers. Not only did Beyonce sing live, she danced, reunited Destiny’s Child for three songs and looked absolutely fabulous in the process. I watched the performance again recently and still got goosebumps and kept asking myself why I’m not Beyonce yet.

Everyone was raving about the halftime show. People even blamed it for the power outage that followed (surprise - it wasn’t Beyonce’s fault).

But we all know that nowadays, the Internet can’t let a good thing go unpunished. Buzzfeed quickly filled its pages with unflattering stills from Beyonce’s performance.

In some she looks muscular and even, I’ll admit, a little scary. One website even turned her green to look more Incredible Hulk-like.

Now, Beyonce’s publicist has contacted Buzzfeed and asked them to remove the photos for being “unflattering.” And while I’ll admit the pictures are bad and not exactly complementary to Beyonce’s beauty, I say she should just own it. Beyonce killed it on that stage, and if anyone watches the halftime show performance, they will see that she’s a musical goddess.

And I’d like to see any of those people get up onstage, wear a leather bustier and heels, sing a 10 minute plus set with choreographed dance moves and only take flattering pictures. Not so easy is it, bloggers? Trust me, I’ve tried (in my dreams).

This past Saturday, Beyonce, a notoriously private person (she didn’t even admit to being married to Jay-Z for years), premiered her documentary, “Life is but a Dream,” on HBO.

Not only does the documentary center around Beyonce, but she also directed it. She’s running every aspect of her life, and my hat is off to her. It’s refreshing that a celebrity isn’t flaunting her life in tabloids. When you actually learn things about the star of a documentary, you know it’s good. You also know that if Beyonce is involved, it’s going to be good. These two go together naturally.

Beyonce is everywhere, and I am fine with that. She’s a smart woman and a great performer.

If I become a tiny fraction of her, well then I can call it a day and go home happy. I don’t want to run the world; I leave that to Beyonce.

She’s doing a fantastic job so far.  Who I am to intervene?

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