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The season Pumpkin flavored Everything

an in-depth look at why the fall season should be admired


Published: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 16:12


Photo courtesy of Vala's Pumpkin

‘Tis the season to be spooky. Fall is by far my absolute favorite season, considering the hot and sticky Nebraska summers are usually so miserable and deathly for my incandescent skin. As soon as the summer heat comes radiating down, sizzling us all like eggs on a frying pan, I am ready to pull out the pumpkins and prepare for the brisk fall air. Now don’t come running at me with pitch forks, I do like summer festivities and being able to shut down all brain function for three months, but sitting around a bonfire all bundled in fuzzy blankets with a mocha in hand is without a doubt the finest feeling in the world. I know I’m not the only one who appreciates fall and all the striking landscape changes it has to show; autumn seems to be a broadly appreciated season. So why is this? Why do we all get so enthused for fall? Allow me to enlighten you. After some chin-scratching and latte-sipping, I drew up some findings.

Nothing beats going to the same pumpkin patch year after year without any changes being made. You know you all look forward to it, too! The $8 turkey legs (worth it), the two pounds of funnel cake that make you feel as though you’ve grown a second stomach (worth it), and of course, the pumpkin eating dragon, aka, a tractor with a dragon head attached to it. In all my years of attending Vala’s pumpkin patch, it will forever be a timeless attraction.

Ever since I can remember, Halloween has been my favorite time of year. Another fall festivity to look forward to is haunted house attractions. This year was, believe it or not, my first time making it to a haunted house. It took me almost the entire month of October to convince just a small group of friends to attend with me. This could mean one of two things: (a) my friends aren’t as tough as they act or (b) haunted houses are designed for middle-schoolers.

Before attending Mystery Manor I was leaning towards the “my friends are a bunch of scaredy-cats” option. It wasn’t until after walking through the haunted attraction that I realized that these places are, in fact, for the younger crowds. Although my expectations for being scared out of my pants were too high, I was able to enjoy the self-written scripts the characters used on customers. The actors of the house might have been more frightening if they deviated from saying things like “You look like a nugget,” or, “Will you play puppets with me?” I was left more confused and humored than terrified. While it was no Rob Zombie movie set, it was still quite artistic.

While I’ve discussed why people should appreciate fall, I must concede there are valid reasons why some people might like seeing it come to an end. An observation I have made is that the subconscious thoughts in the back of our heads realize that gift-giving season is approaching. We, as Americans, like to use the cold winter weather as an excuse to stay inside to hibernate, stuff our faces with winter-friendly delicacies and become one with our living room couches because, well, “baby, it’s cold outside.” Who said cold weather was a bad thing!

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