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The safe way to skip: how to make the most out of missing classes

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Published: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 16:12

I will be the first to admit that I have skipped class a time or two, or three or four. The number of times is not important. Some days it is just too much. Some days, the thought of sitting in a class for an hour and a half is more dreadful than I can handle. For some, skipping becomes the norm and attending class, the exception. For others, like me, skipping class is a joyful reward. When done in moderation, skipping can be completely acceptable.

Now I admit that sometimes it is just too easy. As I lounge in bed, snuggled under the covers, the bitter cold morning nips at me and I want nothing more than to stay in this little bubble. So, I skip.  
My day becomes filled with hot chocolate and Netflix. Instead of listening to students ask questions about things they should have learned in fifth grade, I spend the day binge watching “The Office” again. Instead of forcing myself to take five pages of notes that I know I will never use, I can make chocolate chip pancakes. Instead of witnessing an overzealous super-senior try to flirt her way into a better grade, I can shop online in my pajamas all day long.

I know, I know, skipping class is wrong. We should only miss class when absolutely necessary. If we are sick, have an appointment or must attend a funeral we can miss class. We pay for these classes; we should take advantage of the opportunity to learn from our professors. Whatever, we have heard it all before, but it will not stop the legion of students who skip class.

Since we know skipping is never going away, let’s talk about the safe way to skip class. First, make sure you know the class attendance policy. If it is in a large lecture, you probably won’t be missed. However, in the small classes, your absence will be noted. Make sure to double-check the syllabus to see how many classes you are allowed to miss. The last thing you want is to be blindsided by an overused skip count. Suddenly, your relaxing skip day turns into a day that cost you a letter grade.  
Next, make sure you email someone from the class to get the rundown of what you missed. Hopefully, this far into the semester you have at least gotten on a first name basis with SOMEONE. If not, maybe you should go to class and meet someone. Then you can skip another day.

Also, just because you skip, does not mean you can get out of whatever was done that day. Make sure to email your professor to find out what you missed. Not only will it keep you from falling behind, it can also ensure you get the information you need.

Skipping can be a beautiful thing, but only when done in moderation. There is no need to skip multiple times a week. That is simply excessive. Skipping and attending are a perfectly balanced cycle that can easily be ruined by someone abusing the system. Don’t be the person who ruins skip day for everyone. Skip safely.

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