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Technology a major distraction for students on campus


Published: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Updated: Sunday, December 15, 2013 17:12

We’ve all either nearly tripped at least once over something, or ran into someone because we’ve been using our phones on campus.  Or we could be listening to music while going to class.  While that’s all well and good, there are some things to keep in mind.  I have compiled a Top 5 list of things to avoid out of common courtesy.

    1.  Walking and talking––Please, just don’t do it.  It’s rude.  People could think you’re talking to them if they don’t see you on the phone.  It’s embarrassing.  Besides, your brain is stimulated to pick up on it more, since you’re only hearing half of the conversation.

    2.  Walking and texting––We all do this, myself included, but please watch where you’re going.  It’s really difficult trying to swerve around people buried in their phones.

    3.  Listening to music––I get it; music is awesome. It kind of distracts you.  I’ve been guilty myself of blaring Keith Urban in my ears while going to class.  At the same time, I also try to look around.  See the beauty of campus, listen to the bell tower music or grab a friend and walk to class together with your phones away.

    4.  Blaring your music- Again, while music plays a huge factor in our lives, I’d please not like to hear it if I’m two feet away from you.  I can only imagine what it’s doing to your hearing.

    5.  On your phone while with a friend- Please just pick one or the other.  Either go to class with your friend and put your phone away, or ditch the friend and try to navigate campus while staring at a screen with earbuds in your ears.  Attempting to do both is rude.  Personally, my feelings get hurt when someone is texting on their phone and I’m trying to talk to them.

    Some students, however, don’t think anything of it, and actually participate in it. Students have a lot going on and these days they want to do things quick and move on.

“I text people while walking around,” says junior John Gardner. “You don’t have time to find people you have to talk to in todays’ fast-moving society.”

    Sophomore Kendra Samuelson feels the same way. 
“I always do it, so I guess I don’t notice it as much,” she says.  However, she can’t stand having conversations while someone is texting.  “They’re just not concentrating on what I’m saying. I haven’t had any experiences with people being obnoxious on their phone so it doesn’t bother me.”

    Here’s a challenge: try going for one day without any social media sites.  I promise it’s doable.  Difficult yes, but doable.  You’d be surprised how easy it actually is.  Just turn your phone off in class, and then keep it off.  Go to the library and work on a paper to distract yourself, study for mid-terms, read a book.  The next day, reward yourself by going social media crazy.

    Technology is amazing because we can keep up with stuff going on, we can get our e-mails in an instant, there’s tons of apps and yes, we can waste a half hour or more playing Candy Crush Saga. However, we don’t have to be checking Twitter, Facebook, email, or gaming between, or in, classes.  Wait until you get to a building.  I promise the world won’t end.  Time will keep going, whether you have your phone on or off.


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