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Naked air: Co-ed naked airplane traveling

Published: Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Updated: Thursday, March 10, 2011 15:03

The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh and now the first-ever all-naked flight in history.

We have come a long way.

Texas-based Castaways Travel plans to charter a 170-seat Boeing 727-200 for the flight from Miami to Cancun. What is unique is the company specializes in clothing-optional vacations.

Passengers will depart May 3 and return May 10. Most will stay in the El Dorado Resort, which will specifically cater to nudists that week.

With classes ending about this time, would UNO students be privy to flying in the buff?

"No way," was the most common response.

Many students had a variety of questions, most which are answered on the Web site,

For example, do guests check in their luggage while nude?

According to the Web site, passengers will be fully clothed until the plane reaches cruising altitude, then they will be free to undress.

What about the flight crew and attendants?

The Web site reassures they will be fully clothed.

In addition, hot drinks will not be served to prevent any tragic accidents to those baring all.

Airplanes are known for being freezing cold, but to accommodate the nudists, the heat will be turned up higher than normal.

Commemorative towels will be placed on each seat to preserve hygiene.

But what if the towel slips off?

Consider that the next time you fly.

A senior family science major says she would consider flying naked, but only if her boyfriend went along, too.

But be forewarned - there is to be no hanky-panky onboard. Just because everyone is naked, the whole plane cannot gather in a massive orgy.

Some international studies majors questioned the safety of flying nude. In the event of a water landing, the sight of 170 naked people sliding down yellow inflatable ladders would be funny, but the passengers could get serious rug burns.

In a related article, an FAA spokesperson said no regulations exist requiring clothing, so it is murky legal territory.

At least a hijacking would be highly unlikely.

New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman wrote the column "Naked Air," in which he suggests flying nude would calm fickle fliers' nerves.

"Think about it," he wrote. "If everybody flew naked, not only would you never have to worry about the passenger next to you carrying box cutters or exploding shoes, but no religious fundamentalists of any stripe would ever be caught dead flying nude, or in the presence of nude women and that alone would keep many potential hijackers out of the skies."

He is being sarcastic to make a point, of course. Yet, one of the main reasons people take nudist vacations is because they feel calm and free without clothes.

If one wishes to give nude traveling a try with Castaway Travel, a round-trip ticket is $499 plus lodging.

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