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Original Poetry

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Published: Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Updated: Monday, January 13, 2014 13:01

Ali Poetry

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Truong

When you pet the cat behind the ears, honey, try
not to notice the bump there. When you remember
how he called her “Pelp” firmly remind yourself
her name is Penelope.

When the wind makes the closet creak, think
of Mike Wazowski instead of the ghoul you truly fear.

Because the ghost of things unknown
are far scarier, baby.

When the car before you stops
too fast, remind yourself that you’re human
now. Without him, you don’t
have health insurance.

I know it’s hard, baby, but your life isn’t like a
feature story from Etsy or Apartment Therapy.

Stop crying, honey, that vintage piano wasn’t enough
to keep him trapped in that house with your temper.

When the cat jumps from your lap, sugar,
no one will judge you if you reach for the throw.

The sudden chill will make you cry and
the world isn’t gonna warm you up like they claim.

Every now and then, pay for someone’s coffee.

You’re gonna need that reminder, hun.

You need to remember that people
don’t do kind things because they want nothing.

They need reminders too.

And for God’s sake, baby, feed the cat.

Just because you let
a part of yourself die, doesn’t mean
you have to drag another thing down with you.

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