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UNO Students take part in International Education Week


Published: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Updated: Sunday, January 19, 2014 14:01

International Education Week

Photo by J.Christoffersen/ The Gateway

Salim Al Mamari helps Mahnad Alshibli with a head dress.


The smell of international foods fill the hallway of the second floor of the Arts and Sciences building. Students walk around in native garb, proudly explaining their culture and customs to curious passers-by as the International Studies and Programs department hosted its annual International Education Week this past week.

 Throughout the week, there were a variety of events geared towards international students and people interested in international studies.

 One event of the week was the Café Internationale, which took place in the International Studies and Programs Room 241. Throughout the event, students were invited to come enjoy refreshments, food, music and country display tables from a variety of different countries.

 “I like letting people know about my culture and that despite the conflict you hear about, people in my country are very friendly,” said Maria Noguera, a junior from Colombia studying international business.

 Noguera is the first of her family to come study in the U.S. and she said she hopes to finish her undergraduate program at University of Nebraska at Omaha and gain some work experience before heading back to Colombia. Noguera and the other students at her table were handing out handmade Colombian bracelets, coffee and strawberry flavored candies.

 Each country’s table had something different to offer people walking through and the tables were run by students studying at UNO from that specific country. At the table for Chinese students, one could get their name written in Chinese. The table of students from India were offering henna tattoos for people that were interested. The students from Oman were writing people’s names in Arabic. Along with providing these specific customs and gifts, traditional foods and treats were offered as well.

 The menu for the event consisted of vegetable spring rolls, Moroccan chicken, hummus and baklava, as well as the treats that students from each country provided at their tables.

 Melissa Antonio and Lindsey Brown are no strangers to International Education Week and both enjoy different aspects of Café Internationale. Brown, a master’s student studying elementary education with a concentration in bilingual communication, said her favorite part is learning about the different cultures. Antonio, a senior psychology major, expressed her love for the food, hummus in particular.

 “My favorite was the Omani table,” Brown said. “They had fruit and money. I loved their outfits. They were also writing peoples names in Arabic.”

 Both women volunteer at the conversation/culture hour hosted every Thursday for International and American students. The conversations allow for students to learn more about each other’s culture and languages.

 Among the hundreds of guests in attendance were students from Beveridge Magnet Middle School of Global Studies and Arts. The students walked around to each booth, interviewing students about customs in their native countries. This is part of the International Outreach event, allowing these students to interact with students from different countries and participating in intercultural activities.

 The winner of the “Eyes on the World” International photo contest was announced at the event as well. The annual contest is sponsored by International Studies & Programs, the Sigma Iota Rho honors society members and generous prize donors. Students were invited to submit photographs they had taken, and the winner was Paloma Fernandes De Souza for her photo “Across the Sunset.”

 Other events throughout the week included the Fifth Annual Gildersleeve Know Your World Lecture, where political science professor Paul Landlow spoke about his experience in Pakistan; the Study Abroad scholarship presentation, which took place Tuesday in the MBSC Chancellor’s room; the Global Marketplace and Bake Sale which featured different trinkets from a variety of countries; the International Education Week Luncheon and an invitation-only event honoring exchange students and scholars

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