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Straight Outta Junior High plays last show

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Published: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 17:12


Joe Shearer/The Gateway

Straight Outta Junior High guitarist and vocalist Knate Olson performs during their final show ever on Dec. 7 at the Waiting Room.


A dorm building at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln held a battle of the bands in 2000.  Three friends, with little music experience decided to compete, mostly as a joke.   The group ended up winning second place, and thus began the punk rock legacy Nebraskans will remember as Straight Outta Junior High (SOJH). 

“We weren’t very good, but apparently people thought we were pretty funny,” singer Knate Olson said. 

The name “Straight Outta Junior High” was chosen randomly. 

“We were outside of some concert, waiting to go in and a guy came out,” Olson said. “We asked him what it looked like inside and he said, ‘everybody’s straight outta junior high.’ So we went with it.” 

Twelve years, six albums and countless performances later, the band would take the stage for the last time  Friday, Dec. 7. SOJH, Screaming For Silence and Another Lost Year played a farewell tribute show at the Waiting Room Lounge in Benson. 

The band went out with a bang, playing nearly every song they’ve ever written.  They played two full length sets, lasting more than four hours.  Kudos have to go out to the arms of Drummer Matt Tatroe, who is also the drummer for the band that preceded SOJH, Screaming For Silence,  meaning he played for nearly five hours straight. 

SOJH is classic Nebraskan punk rock.  Their music is loud, raunchy and in-your-face.  Their lyrics make fun of everyone and everything, but mostly themselves.  The best thing about the band is they don’t take anything too seriously.  Their raw insincerity was in full view on Friday. 

They joked about everything, from Fred Durst, to “Benson’s hipsters,” to sexually-asphyxiated suicide.  The crowd loved it. SOJH kept their fans pushing, jumping, screaming, laughing and clapping all night. 

It’s a shame to see the bands’ ventures come to an end, but we must commend them for all of their accomplishments over the past decade.  In 2003, they won first place in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, winning $10,000.  They played selected dates for the Vans Warped Tour in 2003, 2004 and 2005 and have opened for bands like Sum 41, Zebrahead and the Plain White T’s. 

“I’m sad that it’s ending, but we’ve really just accomplished as much as we can as a band," Olson said.  "We’re all older now and have a lot of other things going on." 

If you never got to see SOJH live, you really missed something great.  They were a band that put on a show that  entertained even someone who didn’t know a single lyric.  Whether you were a devoted fan or just happened to end up at the bar that night, a great time was had by all.  

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