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Slimming Santa

Millard West High School

Published: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 17:12


Santa Claus gobbles down milk and cookies at every house.  However, at some houses, soy milk and carrot sticks are waiting for him as he pushes his way down the chimney.  

Santa is becoming healthier.  

Films like “Bad Santa” and “Rise of the Guardians” are showing a slimmer side of Santa.  

However, this thin Santa has caused controversy among many who would rather have the traditional fat St.Nick.  

“When I was growing up... I think how big he was kind of comforting,” UNO freshman Cami Hallowell said.

UNO Education student Alex Kirkland concurred.  “I like my Santa fat... he should be a fat jolly guy.”

However, other individuals believe the change in Santa’s weight is sending a positive message.

 “My aunt put out veggies last year for Santa,” Kirkland said.  

Millard West student Anthony Hughes said “it seems those who think it undermines tradition are laboring under the assumption of the early 20th century depiction of Santa, where there is really no uniform image.”

“It's really a non-issue because the depiction of Santa has varied greatly over the years between nations,” Hughes added.

UNO education major Kathryn Plaza agreed.  “I think it is motivation.  People will think, 'if Santa’s skinny, why can’t I be'?”  

Slender Scotland native Bill Winton, who frequently portrays Kris Kringle at the Westside Plaza Mall, decided to stop stuffing his suit so children could sit more comfortably on his lap.  However, the 80 year old soon realized permanently slimming Santa would send a positive message to those who idol the character.

Santa repelled down a wall, looking fit and trim at the Scheel’s Santapalooza event at Village Pointe this past Saturday.  

Hallowell decided, no matter someone’s opinion on the subject, or where in the world he/she is, Santa is still Santa.  “I think as long as Santa has his red suit and big white beard, the tradition of Santa remains the same,” Plaza said.

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