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Punk rock band Blink 182 releases highly anticipated new EP

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Published: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updated: Monday, January 7, 2013 17:01

Blink 182

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In 1995, three guys turned the music scene upside down when they brought the raunchy nature of punk culture to the mainstream.  Ten years and five albums later, Blink 182 disappointed fans by calling it quits at what seemed to be the height of their musical careers.

When Blink 182 announced that they would be reuniting back in 2008, hearts everywhere began racing with anticipation.  The bands’ three-year hiatus would finally be coming to an end.  
Blink 182 began their reunion, appropriately, with a tour that sold out countless venues and grossed $21.2 million.  Their re-debut album “Neighborhoods” followed in 2011.  Unfortunately, “Neighborhoods” didn’t register well with fans.   The album made its way to No. 2 on the Billboard 200, but only about 322,000 copies were sold.

Dec. 18 Blink 182 released a new EP titled “Dogs Eating Dogs.” This EP held high expectations with fans.  Lead singer Tom DeLonge told Billboard magazine that a lot of the failure that came with “Neighborhoods” was caused by the bands’ uneasiness working together.  
“We weren’t even in the same room,” DeLonge said of recording the album. “We were barely talking; we were in different studios. No one really commented on each other’s parts, no one pressed anyone’s buttons. Everyone was on eggshells.”

For the new EP, fans were hoping that Blink 182 could somehow find their new sound.  They needed a clean transition from the band that they used to be in 1995 to who they are now, as older, more experienced musicians.  
“We’re connected and laughing and making jokes and making fun of each other,” DeLonge told Billboard. “There was no laughing on ‘Neighborhoods.’”

“Dogs Eating Dogs” gives a good preview as to what we can expect from Blink 182 in the future.  
The lyrics are a little depressing, but that might just be what makes the music feel believable.  The music is very rhythmic and definitely has a lot of influence from Tom DeLonge’s other band, Angels and Airwaves.  
As of now, the band has no plans of releasing a full-length record.  
They have said they plan to release music more frequently in the form of EP’s.


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