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Faculty musicians perform


Published: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Updated: Monday, January 28, 2013 16:01


Photo by Rayelle Dooley/The Gateway

On Jan. 22, UNO held a concert featuring a faculty trio named I, the Siren. The ensemble consists of Shelby VanNordstrand (vocals), Darci Gamerl (oboe) and Stacie Haneline (piano). The trio had an amazing chemistry and played the music to its fullest.

Their program consisted of Bach’s “Cantatas (BWV 93, BWV 202, BWV 21),” Ralph Vaughan Williams’ “Ten Blake Songs” and “The coming of light” by Peter Lieberson (arranged by Pete Labella). The concert had a unique array of pieces performed, ranging from the late 1600s-1700s to the 21st century. The audience received a full taste of Bach’s baroque style, Vaughn Williams’ film score British folk-like style and Lieberson’s surrealist way of expression through music.

Shelby VanNorstrand enjoys collaborating with other musicians.

“I have been singing since I was very little and love going on stage to convey the music and make a connection with the audience,” she said.

Darci and Stacie previously had a violinist in the trio instead of a vocalist. The three (Garmerl, Haneline and VanNordstrand) have been performing together since October 2012.

“We decided to make a more formal ensemble after our first performance because the chemistry between all three of us really speaks to the audience,” VanNordstrand said.  “Rehearsal sessions are normally 2-3 hours long. Ideally we rehearse once a week. For this performance, the group spent a lot of time on the Lieberson. The vocal line is very challenging. The harmonies and rhythms are difficult and take longer to learn in an ensemble setting. Nonetheless we had a great time performing that piece to the audience.”

For VanNordstrand, singing has had many positive impacts on her life.

“Singing and performing has helped me to travel around the world and country,” she said. “It has helped me be a better musician. I like to receive feedback from my colleagues and other musicians. My life’s passion has opened up this world for me. Singing has also helped be a better person. To be a singer you not only have to verbally communicate through music, but also understand how others communicate as well. Singing has helped me relate to others.”

The on-stage connection and friendship between the three musicians was quite noticeable. Seeing this made the music come alive and made it very enjoyable to watch.

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