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Band Bear Stories brings instrumental music to Omaha


Published: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 09:01

Bear Stories

Photo Courtesy of Bear Stories

Up and coming indie band Bear Stories, has a truly unique style. Unlike most of the music being produced today, the band’s music has a heavy focus on instrumental music and few vocals.

 All four band members have a long history together. They’re all self-taught and extremely talented. They’ve spent five years playing together in other bands and officially became Bear Stories one year ago.

“We never had a good time writing lyrics and didn’t care much about vocals,” guitarist Nick Vieregger said.

 They’re one of a few bands in the Omaha area that has mostly instrumental music.

 “We all agreed that doing instrumental music is better for us,” Vieregger said.

 Their inspiration came from bands like Explosions in the Sky. Their love for movie scores was another motivator.  
The band’s most recent EP titled “Everything We’ve Grown to Know” is set to be released by Make Believe Studios, an Omaha based record label, this winter.

Bear Stories signed to Make Believe Studios in June of 2012.  
Rick Carson, one of the founders of Make Believe Studios, said that the label isn’t sure how Omahans will respond to a mostly instrumental band.

“We aren’t sure how [the public] will respond to Bear Stories, and we don’t really care.  That’s not what Bear Stories is all about,” Carson said. “There’s only six lines of lyrics on the whole [EP], but those six lines are better than anything else I’ve heard.”

 For the time being, the band is trying to get recognized in Omaha. “We are trying to get organized and write a lot of music,” Vieregger said. “Once we get confident, we will tour.”

As of now, Bear Stories considers themselves indie progressive and kind of alternative.  But, there is no telling what direction their music will take them.

“We have so many more instruments on our record. We would love to play concerts with all the different instruments we have,” Vieregger said.  
 If you can’t wait for the EP, check out Bear Stories at The Waiting Room Lounge, in Benson, on Jan. 17.


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